Animate Earth

Stephan Harding
Film director: 
Sally Angel, Josh Good
Event date: 
Thu, 07/03/2013

Cardiff sciSCREEN has sister projects around Cardiff which debate ideas. One of these is Philosophy Cafe, and in March 2013 we joined forces with Philosophy Cafe to host a screening of Animate Earth.

Made by an award winning crew, Animate Earth is an exciting project based on the work of Dr Stephan Harding, world-renowned ecologist and colleague of James Lovelock. Talking to leading environmentalists, scientists and spiritual leaders, Harding explores how the over-dominance of analytical thinking in science and in our culture as a whole has blocked our ability to connect with and care for the planet. Harding argues that we need to develop a new approach in science that is based on wisdom and intuitive knowledge working in partnership with sound reasoning and thinking.

Chris Groves' write up of the Animate Earth event is in the right-hand menu.

Articles on this film:

Animate Earth and Us

How do people in industrialised, technological societies relate to nature? Do we recognise ourselves as part of nature, our societies embedded within living systems that surround and sustain us, or do we view ourselves as separated from a natural world that is nothing but malleable matter to be put to whatever use we wish?