Growing up with Cerebral Palsy

Thanks all, good film. I thought the film depicted the life of a severely disabled adult well. Obviously being mainstream film it didn't go into the real nitty gritty but it was well balanced, showing coping with a severe disability or a severely disabled companion has its hardships.

Still Geoff

One of the many strange things about my father’s presentation with mixed dementia is that I have no memory of him losing his memory. I put this down to personality – his not mine. Geoff is, and was, fiercely independent. He has always been in to Xtreme ‘Do-It-Yourself’. Geoff did EVERYTHING himself.

Could it really happen?

Could it really happen? Are the events portrayed in the film at all realistic?

Health and Social Care for Older People

“Iris” a film by Richard Eyre based on the book Iris, by John Bayley.