Ice Age 4

Mike Bruford spoke at a special sciSCREEN event for young people as part of the 2012 Cardiff Science Festival at Odeon Cinema, Cardiff Bay. Below is a link to his presentation: Mike Bruford's Slides

Psychiatrists on the Silver Screen

I have a special interest in the relationship between psychiatry and the visual arts, film and multimedia, and I often use film clips when teaching psychiatry to medical students at Cardiff University School of Medicine. Films can engage students and can help demonstrate mental health issues, for example various mental states and disorders.

History, Psychoanalysis and A Dangerous Method

In using the intellectual and emotional ménage à trois between Jung, Freud and Spielrein to explore Edwardian debates about psychoanalysis, Cronenberg uses history in particular ways.

Cardiff sciSCREEN at the Summer Science Festivals

This summer Cardiff sciSCREEN went on the road. In June and July, we organised events at two of the UK’s summer science festivals; a full sciSCREEN event discussing the film Take Shelter at the prestigious Cheltenham Science Festival, and a sciSCREEN event aimed at children and young people introducing Ice Age 4: Continental Drift at the inaugural Cardiff Science Festival.

Patience (After Sebald)

This sciSCREEN 'lite' was held on March 21st 2012 at Chapter Arts Centre. Professor Gerrit-Jan Berendse, of the Cardiff School of European Languages, Translation and Politics, introduced the film and discussed the life and work of W.G. Sebald. 

A Dangerous Method

This event, sponsored by the Welsh Psychiatric Society, explored popular and professional attitudes towards psychoanalysis in Edwardian society, the depiction of psychiatrists in film, Sigmund Freud's Welsh connection, representations of gender and agency, and the relationship between psychoanalysis and Buddhism.

Take Shelter

This event, sponsored by the MRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics (CNGG), explored themes such as the nature of psychosis, family surveillance and genetic communication, risk and uncertainty, states of consciousness, and the role of premonitions in different cultures.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Kevin's mother struggles to love her increasingly vicious child. But Kevin is just getting started, and his final act will be beyond anything anyone imagined.

Silent Running

In a future where all flora is extinct on Earth, an astronaut is given orders to destroy the last of Earth's plant life being kept in a greenhouse on board a spacecraft. Following the screening in November 2011, four experts gave their responses to the film which can be accessed via the right-hand menu.


Strigoi is a 2009 British/Romanian comedy horror based on the Romanian mythology. The film is directed by Faye Jackson and stars Constantin Bărbulescu, Camelia Maxim, and Rudi Rosenfeld. Following a screening at Chapter Arts Centre in October 2011, a sciSCREEN discussion was held. Read Rebecca Williams' response to the film by clicking on the article title on the right-hand side.