Still Geoff

One of the many strange things about my father’s presentation with mixed dementia is that I have no memory of him losing his memory. I put this down to personality – his not mine. Geoff is, and was, fiercely independent. He has always been in to Xtreme ‘Do-It-Yourself’. Geoff did EVERYTHING himself.

The Great European Disaster Movie

Join us for a special FREE screening of THE GREAT EUROPEAN DISASTER MOVIE, and post-film talks and discussion. Includes wine reception and light refreshments.

Away from Her

Join us for a special FREE screening of the Canadian film AWAY FROM HER, a drinks reception and post-film talks and discussion.

What is freedom to roam in nature, and why should we pay for it?

Project Wild Thing, the film by David Bond, speaks to widely held (and commonly accepted) societal fears that children’s and young people’s opportunities to roam freely and independently in ‘the outdoors’ have curtailed considerably in the late 20th and 21st centuries.

Project Wild Thing and Childrens relationships with Nature

I grew up in a village in mid-Wales and spent a considerable amount of time in the town, but that town was Aberystwyth and Aberystwyth looks out at the sea. My house was separated from that sea by a 120-meter Iron Age hill fort.

Project Wild Thing

On Monday 25th April a FREE screening of the award winning documentary PROJECT WILD THING was followed by a drinks reception and post-film talks and discussion.

Survey - now open

Have you attended a Cardiff sciSCREEN event? We would greatly appreciate it if you would take part in a short research survey.


To mark Black History Month 2015 Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University would like to invite you to book a place to watch the multi award winning film ‘Selma’ - a chronicle of Martin Luther King's campaign to secure equ

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This was a special event for young people.


Cancer Research UK and Cardiff sciSCREEN held a special free screening of the film 50/50 followed by a panel discussion. The comedy-drama, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen, was followed by talks from experts on the themes of the film and its portrayal of cancer, along with an open group discussion.